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The e:b Story Store

The goods featured here are from companies and organizations who are living, working and producing empathetically.  Be the change...


Orchardview Stables

Providing hippo-therapy, the horses and staff of Orchardivew Stables are making a difference. This is RES (Red Eagle Son) but visit their site to meet all the horses and learn more about their mission.

Check out their upcycled, feedbag totes too!

Screen Shot 2021-08-28 at 10.30.01 PM.png

Grounds & Hounds

 Through the sale of their organic and eco-friendly specialty coffees, Grounds & Hounds Coffee Company supports rescue initiatives and organizations providing a second chance to pups in need of a helping hand.  Visit their website to meet the team and find a local retailer.

Crafted Handbag

Ethical Trade

Some of our favorite Fair Trade companies will be featured here.

Swarm of Bees

Hughes Apiaries -

KneeHigh Beekeepers

Passionate about bees, the Knee High beekeepers are dedicated to saving the honeybee and maintaining small family business. They sell honey and other honey related items at local shops and farmers' markets. To learn more, visit the Knee High Beekeepers Facebook Page.

Coming soon

More to come

Coming soon

More to come

Share stories about your favorite 'do good' products.

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