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Welcome to the Gannon University Virtual Empathy Pop Up Gallery

Going Live: September 27th- Oct 2nd 2020

After the Gannon University Empathy Pop Up Gallery, originally scheduled for March of 2020, was shut down due to COVID, our team came back together to reformat the event for an entirely online presentation. Enjoy perusing this gallery of stories, experiences, and art pieces created by students at Gannon and members of the Erie community.

Each day between September 27th- Oct 2nd 2020, Empathy Bound will use this page to post a variety of "exhibits" on various empathy-related topics.


Sunday Sept. 27

  • Student perspectives on Empathy Video

Empathy and Gender/Sexuality

Monday Sept. 28

  • Women of Gannon: Sorority Life

  • Modern Masculinity: DKE 

  • Gannon LGBTQ+

Empathy in our Erie Community

Tuesday Sept. 29

  • Exploring Homelessness 

    • Brian Boleratz of EUMA ​

    • Betsy Weist from The Sisters of St. Joseph 

Empathy and Global Awareness

Wednesday Sept. 30

  • Center for Social Concerns at Gannon 

  • Global Student Stories 

  • Human Trafficking Globally 

Empathy for Justice and Change

Thursday, Oct 1

  • Black Lives Matter Virtual Fashion show with the Black Student Union 

  • Mental Health Stories 

Empathy and Mental Wellness

Friday, Oct 2

  • Guardian Angels Service Dogs 

  • Online and Outspoken Event: 7pm-8pm

How the Gallery Works

Sunday: Welcome

The following video explores Gannon Students' reflections on empathy on campus.

Anchor 1

Monday: Empathy and Gender/Sexuality

Today's contributors include the brothers of Delta Kappa Epsilon, various women across campus who are involved with sorority life, and members of Gannon LGBTQ+

DKE: Modern Masculinity

Delta Kappa Epsilon shares their views about brotherhood, connection, and what it means to "be a man" with Empathy Bound.

Tuesday: Empathy in the Erie Community

Today, two local activists share with Empathy Bound on the topic of homelessness in the Erie Community.


Gannon Students share the questions they have about homelessness in Erie, Bryan Boleratz from Erie United Methodist Alliance answers.

Betsy Wiest: How can we help?

Continuing the exploration of issues impacting the Erie community, e:b spoke with Betsy Wiest, Social Justice Coordinator for the Sisters of Saint Joseph. Ms. Wiest provided information and an opportunity to make a difference.

Wednesday: Empathy and Global Awareness

One of our most "action packed" days by far, today we are featuring writings from ESL and other international students, interviews with local anti-human trafficking activists, and content from the center for social concerns at Gannon.


Center for Social Concerns @ Gannon Shares 

Melissa Bronder: Empathy Grows

Melissa Bronder speaks to her experience learning about the importance of buying fair trade products first hand in Haiti on her ABST (alternative break service trip).

Tirstin McKanna: Experiencing Empathy in Ecuador 

Tristin McKanna shares on how her experiences in Ecuador impacted her. 

"Today we began by visiting a migrant shelter near the border of Mexico and Guatemala. We saw many people and families there looking for a safe place o stay until they could find safety either in Mexico or the United States. While this was very important for us to all witness, it was difficult to see the situation so many people are in. In addition, it made a connection as to why fighting for economic justice is so important. With economic justice, people would not have to flee their homes and we wouldn’t be seeing this problem.


-Haiti/Chiapas 2020 Day 4 Blog Post 

Human Trafficking

Art by Kelli Smith, survivor & advocate


Thursday: Empathy for Justice 

Today we explore Empathy and art as a tool for social change. 

empathy gallery tan square.jpg

Strands of Thought

By: Jeanne Peters, Gannon Student

  Ahmaud Arbery   R0mir Talley   Antwon Rose   George Floyd   Breonna Taylor   Ahmaud Arbery  Romir Talley   Antwon Rose   George Floyd   Breonna Taylor   Ahmaud Arbery   Romir Talley  Antwon Rose   George Floyd   Breonna Taylor   Ahmaud Arbery   Romir Talley   Antwon Rose   George Floyd   Breonna Taylor  Ahmaud Arbery   Romir Talley   Antwon Rose   George Floyd   Breonna Taylor   Ahmaud Arbery   Romir Talley   Antwon Rose   George Floyd   Breonna Taylor   Ahmaud Arbery  Romir Talley   Antwon Rose   George Floyd   Breonna Taylor   Ahmaud Arbery   Romir Talley Antwon   Rose  George Floyd   Breonna Taylor   Ahmaud Arbery   Romir Talley   Antwon Rose   George Floyd  Breonna Taylor   Ahmaud Arbery   Romir Talley   Antwon Rose   George Floyd  Breonna Taylor  Ahma Taylor  Ahmaud  

Black Lives Matter Fashion Show Coming Soon 

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 10.01.57

Teaser: Online and Outspoken

Tomorrow at 7 we are co-hosting Online and Outspoken: A Mental Health Open Mic with Active Minds at Gannon. Here is a teaser of one of the poems that you will hear at the event. Written and read by Katie Dickey, Empathy bound co-founder and Active Minds co-president 

Friday: Empathy and Mental Wellness

Last but not least, today we discuss what empathy means to our collective and individual mental wellness. 


Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs

Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs has placed over 40 dogs in the tristate area around Erie. These dogs are wonderful examples of the human animal connection, and how sometimes empathy and comfort can be found in unexpected ways.

When asked for her views on empathy, Christine Patrick, the National Director of Communications and Marketing, shared the following: 

“The dictionary states that empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.  While it goes without saying that invisible disabilities are harder to spot than visible disabilities,  PTSD, Diabetes, Epilepsy – just to name a few, I believe it’s critical to have not only kindness in our hearts for one another, but to look at everyone with a capacity for empathy. When you meet someone that seems flustered, chaotic or disordered, you don’t know what’s happening – perhaps they have a sick child, lost a loved one, or are suffering from an invisible disability. Lead with kindness, and you’ll never regret it."


In this series of photos and stories, Patrica Schullick (Mercyhurst class of 2020) shines light on what it means to have hope in the face of mental health struggles.