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Empathy Research and Resources

Empathy is a endless discovery of self in relation to the vast universe.  Psychologists and marketing companies, politicians, celebrities, and spiritual advisors.... environmentalists, artists, educators and more have weighed in on the crucial subject of empathy.  Here are some things to ponder on the empathy:bound journey.

Empathy Development & Education Resources

Empathy Education

Start Empathy

Research and resources for teaching empathy from

Empathy Education

Be Fearless...Be Kind

Empathy resources, activities, and opportunities researched and presented by Hasbro.

Empathy Education

Developing Empathy...Teaching Tolerance

Leaders in the fight for acceptance and peace, Teaching Tolerance offers a plethora of resources, activities, articles and educational materials for developing empathy and promoting peace. 
This link connects to an activity for middle school-aged kids but the site is a wealth of resources to explore.

Empathy Education

How Children Develop Empathy

Psychology Today explains the development of empathy in children and in general.  It's a process but efforts can be made to grow in empathy and some simple suggestions are provided here.

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